Trial By Fire 

 Pilot Script​ 

 "Amputee recruits find themselves on the run when the military accuses them of   sabotaging the weapons system they were testing: remotely-piloted robotic   soldiers. Unsure of who they can trust, the team takes their experimental   technology into enemy territory in hopes of clearing their names and exposing   the traitor within their program." 

 "Trial By Fire" was a Finalist in the Pilot Screenplay competition at Genre Blast   Film Festival 2019. 


 Feature Script​ 

 "After killing her opponent in the ring, a professional fighter seeks redemption through her work at a medical facility housing her   former rival's teenage son. But when she stumbles across a sinister experiment plaguing the young patients, she makes everyone   involved pay for what they've done." 

 "Woodhaven" was a semi-finalist in the feature screenplay competition at Genre Blast Film Festival 2018. 

 A short film version of "Woodhaven" was shot in 2017 as a proof of concept for the feature-length screenplay. Along with winning   the Silver Award at the Spotlight Short Film Awards, the short was accepted into the 2017 Genre Blast Film Festival, Manhattan Film   Shorts, and the exclusive Movies at the Mill in Easton, PA. 

The Woods 

 Feature Script ​


 "Five friends have their wilderness hike cut short when a hunter decides   to focus his skills on them." 


 Written as an updated version of 'The Most Dangerous Game,' "The Woods"   throws five young men into their worst case scenario when they're   stranded in the middle of nowhere. Throughout the life or death ordeal,   old secrets are unearthed, friendships are questioned, and survival of the   fittest becomes their new reality. 


 Feature Script​ 


 "A wounded firefighter with the ability to control fire must hunt down the ruthless leader   of a drug syndicate to get revenge for the deaths of his wife and son." 


 Hellbender was most recently won the Bronze Prize at the 2016 World Series of   Screenwriting and received an Honorable Mention at the 2016 GenreBlast Film Festival. 


 Short Script ​​


 Drowning, a narrative with experimental tones, is about a high school senior struggling   to balance his obligation to his wrestling team and his responsibility to care for his   family. 


 Drowning has already made its run on the short film festival circuit. The script has won   awards, including Best Screenplay at the "15-Minutes of Fame" Film Festival. The film   itself has been accepted into multiple film festivals, winning the "Award of Excellence"   at the Los Angeles Movie Awards and placing 3rd at the All Sports Los Angeles Film   Festival. 

Project Nine 

 9-Part Feature-Length Script​ 


 Project Nine started out as a side project to compliment my senior thesis at the Rochester   Institute of Technology. The idea was to write nine short scripts, each focusing on a   different group of people living through the same tragedy: an outbreak of uncontrollable   cannibalism, created by the government to fight overpopulation. 


 Once the scripts were written, nine different directors, nine editors, and nine   cinematographers (all film students at the Rochester Institute of Technology) were   brought on board to create the largest student-produced, collaborative film ever made. 


 Copies of the finished film are still available upon request. 

All scripts are registered with the Library of Congress.